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Outside you see me smiling

Inside Im really dying

People think Im ok

But every second Im crying

Im done with fake smiles and happiness

Now my worlds filled with frowns and sadness

I would care less if I ended up dead

If you see me just lay me in my bed

And let me rest in peace forever

It will hurt you that we are never together

But it’s for the best now; Im going my own way

So this is all I have left to say.


I love you all!

Im Sorry!!!

3 thoughts on “R.I.P”

  1. I am truly shocked because every time I sign in to this site I get a poem on the homepage that matches how I feel.If not on the homepage then elsewhere but always on this site.

    Your poem amazes me because I too said goodbye and sorry just 2days ago when I decided to take my life and it it over with once and for all.But no I did not do it,I just broke down and cried about all the things in my life and how I feel

    I did not take my life because I asked myself one simple question;Do I really want to die,or do I just want my life to change,Well the answer is ;I still want to live life but in a difrent manner in a way ill be happy with.

    Your words speaks loud and clear to me and it matches how I feel.It is an amazing poem but its not over yet because every decision of your life is in your hands,you can change it even if its hard.maybe you don’t feel like you can but you can figure out a way so don’t do what makes you feel sad do what you want to do and do what will make you happy.

  2. i know how you feel jazz. ive been so close ive said goodbyes and i just cry and cut myself after but im done now. i really do want to end it.

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