Forbidden love

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Maybe there’s forbidden love between us

But to tell you the truth for me it’s a must

You’ve absorbed my love and strength from within

And now I’m deeply in love and I hope its not a sin

You hold such amazement within your personality

And for that my love is not beseeched in this endless reality

I can talk with you for hours and you’ll become the world

I’ll do my best to persuade you to be my girl

I’ll become lost in you like being lost in a storm

I’d go to the ends of the earth to see my beloved in her perfect form

My one and only beloved angel o how I would drift off to your heartbeat

Im running in the stream of your life with cold feet

You alone are the reason to my amazing powers

The reason I live completing your wish to be displayed like a flower

I found you beyond beautiful as if something I worshipped

I’d be nothing more than a mere fool if I let you slipped

Your sweet as forbidden fruit and soft as a forbidden rose

Nothing can keep me away not even the gods I suppose

A single desperate indulgence and inception in peace

As if everything in the imperfect world just began to cease

Inescapable persuasion lays in every word you say

You’ve got me tied and blinded so I can’t move away

I cannot have though I shall want you for the rest of my life

My dear beloved queen I shall wait to ask you to be my wife

You just couldn’t possibly know how much I want you

I can’t find the right words to do it justice and show what’s true

At times in the world people may argue and cuss

But there’s no mistaken the forbidden love between us

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