Wish you were still here

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I know you can’t hear me,

I know your somewhere better,

But thinking about you makes my heart break,

For it’s you I long to see.


I wish I was beside you,

I wish I was in your arms,

I want to hear your voice again,

But the news of your death was true.


I miss you, my love,

I wonder if you miss me,

If you miss your lovely butterfly,

While your in the place above.


One thought on “Wish you were still here”

  1. One of the worst feel we can go through, missing our only love can lead to tremendous pain in our heart, the love the feelings which we once shared could just be cherished and the good memories shared keep haunting us. But this is the part and parcel of life and nature of law; we came to this earth with an expiration date. The good days we shared with that special one remains just as a memory and should be treasured forever. Thanks for sharing the poem with us.

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