What you don’t know

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Every part of my mind hates you

But every fiber of my being longs to be with you

To feel your arms wrapped around me,

Your lips pressed against my lips, my hand, my forehead, my neck,

Your hands caressing me and running through my hair

To breathe you in and never let you go again,

Yet my mind scorns you

Reminding me of how you’ve hurt me

Reminding me of how you took my heart

And threw it back, shattered in my face.


Every time you pass me by

I have to fight myself from leaping into your embrace

Or slamming your face into the locker next to me

And after you move out of sight,

I feel dizzy and exhausted

Than how I was before


You mess with my head and with my heart

I Hate It.

You never leave my mind

And I never know what to say

You toy with my emotions
Yet you toy with my emotions

Flirting with me, kissing me

Then ignoring me the next day

And my mind hates you for it

But my heart still longs for you.


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