Love is Lonely

I could never love you </3

I could never love you </3
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I try to love him but I can’t,
I don’t know what to do
I still think about you
Why are you in my mind?
Why won’t you leave my heart?
I try to keep my balance but then I fall
I fall into your arms as if our love were meant to be
But then I think it’s wrong
Am hurting his feelings
Then I run home
And guess what I see
My love crying for me
I feel so insecure
As life is not the same
Am a monster so ashamed
And tears are falling down
While the rain is pouring now
My heart is in pieces
Because he loves me so much
While I don’t love him at all
And the pain is killing me
Because am the one to blame
I put this pain on him
Thinking we could have ever been
A happy family
But it won’t work I love another
My heart can’t take this pain no more
I need to let you go
Even if it kills
Am begging on my knees
For your forgiveness please?
I never meant to hurt you
It was not my intention
But when I said I love you
It was my past correction.