It’s never too late

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It feels like I’ve been lost
In my own fantasy
Am too into love
That I forgot that I exist
I forgot that I had friends and family
I was too busy trying to put together the pieces that were missing
But now it’s clear to me that lately I’ve been missed
Today it’s raining
And now am remembering
Going back to my life from today I’ll start to forget the past the one that hurts so much
And focusing now on my tomorrow
Even if I have to cry to the end of this goodbye
I’ll do it
But I want my life back and starting today am going back to it
So Im sorry if I can’t stay
Because today will be a brighter day
And tomorrow will be a new beginning because love ain’t meant to be it’s only a fantasy
Well at least that’s what I see .

2 thoughts on “It’s never too late”

  1. I like this poem. Pretty much put the string of my current thoughts into a beautifully woven ribbon of creativity. It describes every relationship I’ve ever been in and what I’m feeling now. Small world…

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