My tears are my soul’s shower…

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I knew pain, I know pain.

I’ve been betrayed, loved, punished, hated.

If you see me crying, if you see me lamenting it’s so not because I’m weak but because every tears I dropped will make the river go longer and thicker so that the rainbow could  know where I Be, where its spot is.

I believe that when I cry, I become more strong. With my tears I can sweep the last of dust away… Don’T JUDGE, JUST LET IT Be.

Let me clean my mistakes, let me wash away my pains. I don’t smoke, nor drink but when I cry it’s like I do these things ’cause after a good cry I’m high. I know pain

that’s why I believe that life isn’t unfair, people are… We are the one who’re feeling not life… We are living life not life living us…

It’s like everything is not right… Everybody’s looking for happiness but we don’t see that each one of us is the happiness… It’s something we already have inside… We are so miserable that we forgot about the best of the virtues “ourselves”?

why when you find someone who loves you, you go and follow the one who loves someone else??

yes my friend cry, cry a river and remember, know that with the same river you can build a voice… I will say that nothing’s small, stay small… that’s why kids grow… 

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