The one we love often don’t love us back

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Once in a while we have broken hearts,
Both man and women broken apart,

They think crying is the solution
I’ve cried so much and nothing gets solve

When we break up it’s like a part of us has died
its like we’re barely alive

We are inside a blind world for a  while
Until we come back to life
Love is lonely
No one is perfect
But we all wish for someone to love, even if it deals with getting hurt,

We still take the risk don’t we,
No matter how hard he or her breaks your heart you still want them?

I ask myself why you still want them when they break your heart into pieces? And why you still love them?
It hurts so much getting rejected but you still ask them anyway don’t you?

When you know he’s taken that he has his girlfriend don’t you still want to get in between because you love him while he’s happy with her?

Life’s like that the one we love often don’t love us back so we should just forget them and move on
even though saying it is easy doing it is the hard part
But I learned that nothing was meant to last forever.

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