Love is Lonely

I think you should meet her

I think you should meet her
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She walks with her head high,
She talks like a boss,
She got a body that most girls envy, and most boys wish to touch

She acts like she doesn’t care while she dies inside,
She acts like nothing ever happens because too much run her mind,

She secretly cries when nobody’s near
Takes out all her angers and fears

This girl ain’t a liar
She talks with the truth
When girls get their attitude
She knows just what to do

She’s the kind of girl that acts like a boss, plays like an angel, and yet suffers so much

She’s heart broken and doesn’t believe in love
She says loves not for her because she never has good luck

She cries for a guy that has no heart at all.
She wants to let him go, and she wants to let him know,
all she ever did was love him with her heart and all he ever did was lie.

This girl could be heartbroken but no tears you see in her eyes
Maybe all this year the tears she cried has wasted there’s none tear left to shed

This girl am talking about,
The one who can be so hurt,
And still make everyone happy,
The girl that almost gave her life for a guy with no heart,
This girl am talking about,
The girl that I don’t know who it is anymore,
That girl,
That girl,
That girl is me.