Get Used to It

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People try to live each day, not knowing what they’ll find.
If anybody knew, it would really blow their mind.
To know that they’re alone, from beginning to the end.
Knowing that you are your one and only friend.
Knowing there is nobody to just stand by your side.
Makes you want to say “F*CK IT” and just run away and hide.
But what would one do if they gave away their heart.
Then they try to get it back, but it is all torn apart.
It shatters all their memories, and destroys all their dreams.
Nothing you ever want, will work the way stuff seems.
So what do we do, and where do we go?
If everything we ever want, is never going to show?
Then what does show up, is messing up your head.
Isn’t life just great, I get used to it all instead.

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