You Do Not Deserve My Tears </3

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Im catching teardrops in my hands,
No one can feel my hurt or pain,
Im suffering in long depression,
I have no one and no protection,
I am lost in your rejection,
I stand above the ground,
Hoping to find freedom somehow,
This depression won’t end,
I got to find the way out of this pain,
My eyes are red from crying,
My head hurts from trying,
Dear god I feel like dying ,
Lost in my conscience,
Lost in my pain,
its been too long now,
can’t take the pain,
No more wishes,
they don’t come true,
I don’t believe in me and you,
love doesn’t exist no more for me,
I have lost the one I love,
there’s no more to try to fix
there’re 6 things I’ll tell you now,
even though you won’t care somehow,
why don’t you love me?
why don’t you care?
why when I called you, you were not there?
why when I told you that I love you, you just walked away?
why did you look at me, as if you were interested?
Just told me why I can’t get over you?
this is the questions that I have no answers to,
because there’s nothing to do without you
but this is the final goodbye because its been too long,
and too much I’ve cried so take this as goodbye,
because no more tears are going to fall from my eyes.

2 thoughts on “You Do Not Deserve My Tears </3”

  1. I like your title and thought the poem would actually explain how to live a life when you loved so much and then left you alone and later on realized that the person never deserved your tears and love. But when I started reading your poem I felt so sad for you, how people even think of hurting someone whom they had loved with their whole heart. Such a cruel world, but, life doesn’t end here and not all fingers are equal in size. There are people who truly understand the value of love and they know how to respect our love. So it’s better to forget the past and concentrate on the present so that our future can be spent happily with the one for whom you will be world.

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