Hold on tight to things you love

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I had a sister whom I would have loved
the one I could have shared secrets & clothes,
the one I could have played around with,
the one I lost & never found,
the brown eyes girl named Angie that I will always be missing,
the one that has a space in my heart,
the one that Im crying for tonight,
I had a sister that’s now far away,
god has called her her time had end,
But she did not even get to explore the secrets of life & the problems of course,
but I still pray for her tonight with the tears running down my face,
I open up & say I know it’s sad but life’s like that,
the ones we love often escape, because god had taken them to a better place,
& as I write this last words to you, I will say this,
those of you that have a sister, treat her well & let her know that you care,
’cause one day you never know if she would be there
so hold on tight ’cause life is hard
& if you don’t appreciate what you have life might give you a┬ásurprise

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