Why must he hurt me </3

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Why must he hurt me,
why must he break me,
why does he turn my world apart,
when he told me he couldn’t love me,
it just broke me inside,
his rejection just put me aside
& now Im stuck & I can’t decide,
Im drowning in my own pain,
where all I see is tears and wish to disappear,
my only fear was losing him & now it’s as clear as it seems

You never loved me like you said you did,
you broke my heart and lied to me,
but with this pain & broken promises I had learned my lesson,
never trust a guy with bad intention
’cause you won’t need him or his protection,
now I know my time is over just because I see no more tomorrow
& I leave with a goodbye and a mark that touched my heart
so remember one last thing true love barely exists
so don’t believe in everything you see

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