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I  looked for words
found only the wrong ones
damn things –
they never do what you want!

I tried to please
only to offend, anger
I tried to embrace
you wriggled free
to sprint away
into a field stretching

I wished the best
at which you only laughed
sneer curling
the edge of your laugh

I sowed gentleness
reaped the whirlwind
was I wrong?
ah, that wouldn’t be
a first

I stand trial
accused by a chorus
of mockery?
it’s all a comedy, my dear
the arms of the clock
trap me

– see my silent movie eyes? –
you’ve had your fun
for me it has yet to begin
blood gone
my heart continues to beat
I touch nothing
but feel everything
flowers wilt
my tears are not enough

desert dries the tongue
there is no shade
the sun would eat us all
the day drags
the air itself pausing for

it lights out for
the both of us
the stars twinkle for no one
the light reaches us
but they’re long-dead

the black spaces run
out of things to say
you took everything
smashed them to pieces
grounded them underfoot
then – tee-hee! –
showed the remains to others

emotions freeze-dried
to the frozen laughter of idiots
you wish me well
but you lie
your future beckons
I see nothing for me
I shake the dust
from my feet,
and depart….

Surrey, B.C., Canada - been really, really hot at this end lately, no sensual undertones there, believe me....

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