Abuse (written for a friend)

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You never tell me that you love me.
You never tell me that you will be there.
You never tell me that you love me, so,
How am I supposed to know?

Only three little words need to be said.
Without them, my heart feels like lead.
Every day, I come home scared.
Please show me that you really cared.

If only there was more time.
I swear! I am not trying to whine!
You’re going to come home really soon.
And I don’t know what you’ll do.

Now I can see you out,
Making out family scream and shout.
The day is waning fast.
I don’t know how long this will last.

Please, just stop.

One thought on “Abuse (written for a friend)”

  1. Very sad poem. I like how you state that every day the person is scared but just wants to hear those 3 words that make them feel better but they never hear it. It is often true that someone who is getting abused keeps coming back, nice poem to remind us to help people who need to get out of dangerous situations!

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