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I used to be on top.
I used to be the best.
I used to be looked up to,
By others, whom some surely detest.

I used to have it all.
I used to be in a clique.
I used to be like a robot,
Never saying anything that would stick.

I used to be mean.
I used to lie my way through life.
The way I used to be,
Still sometimes cuts through my thoughts like a knife.

Some say I was an Alpha.
Some say I was a b*tch.
But under my “flawless” personality,
You’re sure to find a glitch.

Nothing ever soothed me.
Nothing to my taste.
As I look back, I say:
“That time was such a waste.”

That time when I was on top.
That time when I was the mean one.
That time when I didn’t listen to what others had to say.
I thank to God, that time is over,
And forever done.

2 thoughts on “Alpha”

  1. I can really relate this poem. I agree there are times in our lives were we are on top but we are so rude to people, I am really glad I am out of those days too!

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