Marry Me My Princess

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One year and five months seems a long time
Seems like yesterday that I saw you and your cute smile
I stumbled down and fell the moment our eyes met
An incredible attraction that occurred
A strong attraction I cannot hope to escape
My strong emotion that I felt the moment we became close
Spending each moment as if it were the last
Oh how great it would be if we could just freeze time
Time would slowly move forward
And I know that we can’t stop and rewind it back
But memories will hold us together
A bonding chain that will keep our bond locked tight
And the key will be kept away so that none would ever severe
The unhappy and saddest moments
We both face together
And move forward and never regret
You were there for me and so was I
I kept you from danger so that no harm may befall you
My life regained its meaning when you stepped right to my life
And as another story unfolded into my life
You were the one character I have adored the most
From the beginning and up to the end
You stayed and gave the best chapters of my life
But as every story ends in happily ever after
Mine would be forever merrier
If you would stay
And Marry me my Princess….

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