I was once lost but you helped me back

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So let’s just say I was once lost

Didn’t know my way back

Saw no life around

Then you came along

And helped me find my way back

It took awhile

‘Cause while I was lost I lost my┬ástrength every second

But you didn’t seem to mind

You cared for me and helped me get stronger than ever!

And I really just thank you so much for helping me

We became very close friends

And I kept thinking “Will I one day say goodbye to you?”

Well we both don’t know but I think

When I get lost again you will find me

And your gonna help me get better again

Your just that person…Your a person who cares about all your friends

You listen to and tell them what to do

I don’t know what would have happened if you never found me

I think I spent enough time with you for a little

So I shall leave and one day stumble back to you

And I know when I come back you will be there waiting

And I will smile and catch up with you…

So thank you my dear friend

I was once lost but you helped me find my way back

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