Love is Lonely

My Web of Sin

My Web of Sin
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Spirals of sin, darkly whispered in my head

My eyes go dark as I stop to listen..

Tangled plots and inhumane ideas….

Standing in the centre of a torrent of catastrophe

All just waiting to occur..

Feeling like a catalyst when I do nothing to stop it…

Shadow-Dark emotions coursing through my body

Innocence is a phase that was meant to end!

Looking up as the sky goes dark, focusing on a star

Making my last wish, that I could be free

Have all these evil intentions purged..

And just float in my newfound innocence..

Imagination gets me nowhere, but I can’t stop myself

I see myself with light in my eyes, smiling

I see myself beside you, your hand in mine

Yet I’m rudely jolted back to reality; you’re gone.

Once again I’m on my own, caught in a web of sin..

Nowhere to go, nobody to turn too..

Undone by temptation, weakened by interest

This is my web of Sin..