I’m Sorry I Left All Of You

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I’m really sorry I left you all

But like how I had said I cried every time I saw you all

And when I saw you all memories came flooding back…

I tried to block them out…But it’s like they want something from me

I never wanted to leave…Every day I keep asking myself to questions

Did I do the right thing by leaving?

Will the memories ever leave?

I want someone to answer those two questions so bad

I want to know who has the answers

But not only bad memories come back to me

Fun memories also come to me

Like when I met them all…How I met them all

And everyday I cry

And everyday I want to see you all

But like I told you all…If I see you all

The bad memories will come back

I want these memories to start fading

But it seems like they will be clear in my mind forever

Every day I whisper “Im sorry for leaving you all.”

And I truly am sorry

None of you have to forgive me…

I just want you all to know Im sorry

I’m so sorry for leaving you all

One thought on “I’m Sorry I Left All Of You”

  1. It’s better to temporarily leave what causes sad memories and come back when the decoration changes. Time will soothe.

    Also, it’s better to learn and avoid the same mistake and regret in the future. You’ll eventually make new friends. Life is a learning curve.

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