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Twisting agony

Not in body, but mind

Cannot escape

End my misery!

Leave the endless wrath

Of my own family..

Hide against pursuit,

Follows to the end

Can’t ever quench the darkness,

That waits in her stead..

Grow and begin closer,

Strikes when least expect..

Can’t even find an anchor,

Without seeing her respect!

My life is finally shattered

I’m sure you’re glad to know

That I no longer live

Or let emotions show

I’d rather leave this shell

Or fix my broken mind

But you continue laughing

So this is all I find

My heart is rather broken

From the blows you stroke

I don’t think you notice

The new me you awoke

I don’t want to stay

You’ve gone way too far

But you just keep on going

My mind a dreadful scar

Lies you spin from truth

Truth you take from lies

It is all these things

About you I despise

You never see what’s right

For you it’s always wrong

You smash my dreams and hopes

Do you notice my song?

I wish I was not here

Not anywhere near you

But I can’t seem to get away

Nor tell what’s true..

Silence silence everywhere

It is my heart I never share

To find what I wish the most

Off my mind onto the coast..

Wishing wishing never getting

That which haunts me to leave

Can’t respond have to take it

Just letting my heart privately grieve

Although it seems I’m being wrong

Dramatic maybe? I’m not!

You haven’t seen just what it’s like

When it is not love you sought!

The more I think

The more it seems

Like somethings really right

But then I know

And then I see

The true horrible sight

It’s hard to know

Exactly whats real

If I’m crazy or not

Even though nothing else

Is like the peace I’ve sought..

2 thoughts on “Silence”

  1. *snaps like in one of those poetry bars* do you need some bongoes? because that was sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!! and it was deeply unnerving, but STILLL!

    that seemed rude…..*snaps a bit more*

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