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Standing on a chair with cold rope tied around your neck,

Decision seems final, but thoughts of doubt are coming back.

A scenario you’d predicted way before, cannot back down now,

Have dreamed of escaping the misery, and you finally know how.

Knocking down a chair with a step of your choice,

But sound of snapping neck awakens an inner voice.

What made you do it? God, tell me what?

Desperate attempts of loosing the knot,

Gasping for air though you know you have met your end,

If only someone came… family member? Or maybe a friend?

Struggling, tussling, hoping to survive… to fight your way out,

Crying bloody tears, lack of oxygen… you cannot scream or shout.

Losing control over the very body you condemned to death,

Soul giving up, preparing to leave alongside with your last breath.

Last tear is rolling down your cheek,

The rope makes its final creak.

You drop 21 grams of your weight,

21 grams… of love, pain and hate.


Is the pain over at last? Is your salutary plan finally complete?

I guess we will know by your close ones’ reflections

In a puddle of urine underneath your feet.


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