I miss you already

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There goes my heart.

Right out the window.

I had my doubts.

I miss you so much!

You and I had, and maybe still have, a connection.

It was too hard from far away.

I think I love you.

I still do.

You may still love me.

We broke up just thirty minutes ago.

I miss you so much already!

I know that I’ll never hear you call me babe again.

You’ll never write “I love you.” at the end of your texts.

It’s all falling apart because of that stupid crush!

It’s just a crush, not love.

I love you.

It’s too hard.

Try to keep myself strong.

Stop from crying,

But I can’t.

I can’t imagine myself with anyone else.

But I’m going to have to.

I still love you.

You were my firstĀ  true love.

Maybe I was yours.

Maybe I still am.

There goes my heart.

Right out the window.

And your hands aren’t there to catch it…

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