The smell of old memories

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With this guilt in my soul
With the tears in my eyes
With the smell of old memories
Coming alive
With the envy of those girls that wish to be me
With the love of my life wanting nothing from me
I have this feeling of hatred inside
I wish I could change it and hide
This part in my heart is broken in pieces
I tell you the story of the girl that misses
I wish that sometimes I won’t get mad
because I hurt those whom I love real bad
But the pain does not end and I need you to know
I wish I could change but it’s hard to let go
I want to move on but tears just won’t stop
My eyes are burning, my heart is in pieces,
my mind is full of past memories that are making me dizzy
but deep deep inside I still have one wish
to let go of love and to reach my goal,
to forget all the pains that once ruined my life
and to get back on track and leave the past behind.

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