Pin Sized

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She was so sensitive
that the raindrops would wound her
little pin sized black and blues
stared back in wavy glass
she covered them up with baby powder
before she went to mass
never took communion
because she didn’t want to commune with anyone
drowned all her sons in the well
because she didn’t want to connect with any son

don’t look at her
she is merely a mirror trick
about to flip
to a portrait of a ghost on the other side
she’ll gladly give her body
along with every single ounce of pride
she can look at you
and see right through to your insides
don’t try to wear something black
because it won’t work
and as this morning’s rain drops begin to fall
little pin sized blood stains begin to appear on her shirt

does it turn you on that she’s dying
it turns her on that she’s flying
in her head
over a sea of darkened blue
a place where she can cast but a glance
and drive her sins into you

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