Did you get what you wanted

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Did you get what you wanted

I think by myself, when I rethink what you did

Did you want my life to be ruined or totally over

Did you lie and cheat your way into my life just to try to get me down

To let me lose everyone and everything important to me

What did you want what did you try to achieve

I am just here to let you know that you got nothing you wanted

You achieved nothing

I am still here and I lost nothing

You came close to winning but you still lost

You see love is not what you define it as

I still have everything I had

I still have everyone that is important to me

The good always wines on the end and the truth always comes out

So remember this the next time you try to break up what is good


You still did not leave, because you are unsatisfied

You are still trying

You are still lying

Don’t you know when to give up

They are my family they will never believe your lies

They see through your fake smiles and through your lies

I am not afraid that you will get your way

Remember GOD sees everything

Even if you try to do harm you can not succeed

Maybe in this life but never it the hereafter

So try your luck

Be a devil and lie all as you want


All I want to know is…WHY WHY WHY

Why are you trying to break us apart, why are you lying, why can’t you just leave me and my family alone.

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