Love is Lonely

This feeling of butterflies

This feeling of butterflies
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When the sun rises in the morning

When the ray of sunlight shines upon my face

When I open my eyes to see your face

Your smile strikes me at once

And I feel the passion drowning all my thoughts

My heart skips  a beat and I get a tingle in my feet


A butterfly feeling flies through my stomach

And I get lost in your love

When I regret having second thoughts

Your eyes amazes me

Your face, your hands wrap around me like a piece of cloth


My words do not make sense to you

Neither to me

My mind stands still

And I adore each moment with you


You make me happy

When I realize my true inner being

I feel free with you

And I wish for something that might never come true


I want to be with you

Just you and me

And this feeling of butterflies within me