A roller coaster ride

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Life plays games with us

Life gives us happiness, smiles and love

But then throws difficulties at us

Life forces us to accept all the hardships and pain

Life takes away everything it gives

Right in front of our eyes it sweeps away our happiness and love

Leaving us with nothing but regret

Regret of having an open heart

Life leaves us with tears and lonely times

Every time life takes away what it gave

Life plays games with us

It’s like a roller coaster ride

2 thoughts on “A roller coaster ride”

  1. Balance. If you don’t feel pain you don’t cherish happiness. When you feel pain you miss the happiness you once had but you didn’t feel so strong when you had it. If we don’t taste bitter, we don’t know the taste of sweet.

    If you were never so happy you wouldn’t feel pain when you lost it. So don’t ask too much from life. Be content. Be satisfied. Then you wouldn’t lose too much.

    If you’re already fine, don’t ask for more happiness. If you’re sad, work on making yourself happy again then you’ll cherish the happiness when it comes back to you and LEARN to be CONTENT.

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