Calmness Resurrection

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Anxiety pollutes my mind

Calmness cleans up my mind

Anxiety is uninstalled

Calmness is repaired

My anxiety tells lies

However, my calmness tells me truthfulness

Anxiety downloads trenches

Calmness downloads beaches

Anxiety tells me there is no Jesus and Jesus does not exist

Calmness tells me there is a Jesus and Jesus does exist

Anxiety, panic, and stress cause war in my mind

However, calmness defeats anxiety and tells anxiety to flee

Anxiety makes a person angry

Calmness makes a person happy

Anxiety tells me that no one loves me as a friend

Calmness tells me a different story that everybody likes me as a friend

Anxiety grabs and chokes my neck

Calmness releases and unhooks my neck

Anxiety downloads visions of mountains

Calmness downloads visions of rivers

Anxiety tells me that I will never make it

Calmness tells me I made it

Anxiety loses a generation

Calmness restores a generation

Anxiety gives me nightmares

Calmness makes dreams

Anxiety tells me I am a loser

Calmness tells me I am a fierce overcomer

Anxiety has been defeated

Calmness has been resurrected

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