Love is Lonely

Untruthful Inside the Mask

Untruthful Inside the Mask
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It’s hard to tell the truth

About my life

It’s hard to be me around anybody

I wear a mask wherever I go

Protecting  who I really am

I must lie about my life

I feel like crying but I can’t

Not around my friends

I must be happy, feeling spectacular

And I hate it, sometimes I hate myself

Because I’m too scared to show me

I don’t want the attention

A mask comes with a fake identity

But when I’m alone

My real personality comes rolling in

At school I laugh, and smile with friends

I get home, the mask is gone, and I’m alone

I cry, scream and hope there’s more to life than this

When it rains, I run outside

I twirl around, sing and relax

It’s great to feel the cold rain drop on my skin

The sky is crying with me

And for the first time in my life

My real personality is there, with me, hoping that it will be with me for the rest of my life.