Hurt is necessary

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There is nothing in life that does not hurt

Hurting helps us mature

Hurting helps us progress


Even though hurting is so painful

Hurt is necessary

Getting hurt works out for the best


Nothing in life does not hurt

Hurt teaches us


And even love hurts


Being hurt or getting hurt

Helps us mature

Helps us learn

Helps us in the long run

Because we learn through the process of hurt how to be strong

2 thoughts on “Hurt is necessary”

  1. This is my ultimate theory as well. There’s giving and taking. Good things are not coming alone. Hurt is one of those side effects. We say “happy with pain”. You or get both, or neither. You could be happy for one thing, but painful by something else. It’s a kind of balance. The happier the more painful, vice versa. So when you’re painful, look at your happiness, really, then no more complaint.

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