You do not know the truth

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You think you know everything

You think I have betrayed you, left you

But you are wrong

You think you know everything

But you do not know the truth

I stood by you

Until the end I fought for you

I took your side; I took the blame

Like a fool I trusted you, believed you

Like a fool I trusted us

I trusted on our love

And I stood strong for us

Because I believed in you

But you betrayed me, lied to me

Told lies about me

As if it was not enough that I took the blame upon myself

You blamed me as well

You turned the truth upside down and me inside out

You broke my heart

You broke me into pieces

I try to live but I can not

I try to be but I can not be anything without you

I can not believe this has happened

Even though I am alive I am dead on the inside

I long for you

I long to speak to you

I long to hold you

To me it feels as if nothing changed between us

But that is just in my heart; I know the truth and it hurts me

I am not the same; I am not

I have a lot of pain that needs to come out

But it can not, because I do not want to accept this that has happened

To me everything is the same; in my heart nothing has changed

And I believe one day we will meet again

I will see you and then everything will reappear

I need that time just to let you know the real truth

And hear your side too

My heart is with you; I still trust in you

Do not let me down when that time comes

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