Every Day I hope I will see you again

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Every day I look out of my window

My eyes search for you

Every day I hold on to the hope

The hope that I might see you

I tried to forget you

I tried to let go

I tried to make sense of it all

But the more time passes

The more it hurts me to be without you

I count every day, since the day we had to part

I keep on telling myself it is over

And that I should let go of the past

I try to forget you

And all the memories we made

I try to forget all the good times, the smiles and laughter we shared

I try to forget the closeness, the bond

But the more I try to forget

The more I remember

The more I dislike the people that left us no choice but to part

Although I know it is over and you are gone

I still look out of my window

And hope that I will see you again

4 thoughts on “Every Day I hope I will see you again”

  1. Yes, the more you try to forget, it seems the more you remember, so what about the more you try to remember? I think when we’re old the memories are our assets.

    1. You are right Min Min i agree with you but,I think some of us want to remember,we do not want to let go of the memories because it may be all we have left,even though we sometimes say we want to forget…I believe we may want the opposite.
      For me well I want to forget but at the same time I want to hold on and remember.I know it sounds confusing.

      1. I just meant if the more you tried the less you could achieve it then how about trying the opposite? Then perhaps it doesn’t sound that difficult. I remember in the past when I broke up with an ex, I usually tried to recall everything until I had nothing new to recall and until I was bored then I could easily move on. It’s just an example.

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