Love is Lonely

This Is ME!

This Is ME!
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I like to walk in the rain, because nobody can tell I’m crying.

I believe confusion is another name for life.

I wish love would last.

I thought we were Undeniable.

I’m starting to realize I DON’T NEED YOU.

I regain control over my emotions by writing and singing.

I couldn’t care less if you beg me.

I’m not weird; I’m unique.

I stand out in a crowd.

I have human emotions, and they’re unstable.

I have problems, and I fight through them all.

I’m strong-willed, and it takes a lot to break me.

I get depressed when I’m broken.

This Is Me, and if you can’t handle it, step back.

If you can’t stand me, sit down.

If you can’t face me, turn around.

If you think I’m tripping, tie my shoes.

I have a come-back for EVERYTHING you throw at me.

And if that’s too much for you, LET ME BE FREE!