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Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain
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Are you a person who enjoys rain?

Or likes to see it fall from the sky?

Well I’m one of those people…

Don’t you just love it when you get soaking wet in the rain?

Or run in the rain and here the splash once you step in a puddle?

To me rain takes away all your problems…

The clouds cover the sun’s light…

I sometimes wish it could rain everyday…

But then again…

That’s really weird…

So tell me something…

What do you think of rain?

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain”

  1. I agree with Min Min. Rain can be sometimes soothing, but once you think about every hurtful things, it gets depressing. (Let’s hope that nothing gets flooded… -_-)

    Sometimes… NO! I mean everyday or every time when it rains, i always think that the heavens are crying, and when it thunders, the heavens are mad. Crazy? Maybe, but i always think of that when i was little and got used to it.

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