Love is Lonely

Tangled Without Release

Tangled Without Release
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Why these dark days never end,

Why the sky is that colour of blue..

Why I write but can’t press send..

Why I can’t forget about you..

These are questions that haunt me..

Ones that I must know the answers too!

There’s so much in this world that we don’t see..

And so many things that we just don’t do!

It is these things that draw my attention..

I can’t erase things out of my mind.

There are too many memories to mention..

Too many happy places left to find!

There is nothing I can forget,

You may be happy to know..

But one day I will repay my debt,

And pay you back for blows so low!

I’m so lonely without you near..

I just can’t shake this feeling!

I wish you’d just come back here..

I’d resort to kneeling!

This is how I feel for you,

Emotions so tangled..

The things I feel are far too true

I can’t breathe, I’m strangled..

Why can’t these feelings go away?

Why can’t I just forget?

Why must here be where I lay?

I’m caught, like a net..

You decided friendship would work for us,

But I wish for more..

But I refuse to make a fuss,

I fear you’ll close the door..

I’m Tangled Without Release.

I can’t escape this, ever.

I want my emotion to cease!

I want my ties to sever.

Let me free, let me be,

Let me live my life!

Let me breathe, let me see.

Leave me without strife!