Suicidal: Ones Own Life

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Death’s a lonely soul, wandering around,
Crying, whispering, wishing, wanting.
Life in a dark shell,
Wondering why no one  cares.
Surely, deep enough, if you only knew,
How people love you.
Don’t cry, don’t hide.
Know enough to let you flow
Why did you do it?
Please don’t do it.
Many souls wandered, searching for a light.
One soul in the dark, everyone is individual.
If you look out, if you can see,
Everyone suffers.
Some may suffer hard,
Some may suffer less.
Don’t say to me: “You don’t know anything.”
Don’t say to me: “You don’t know how it feels.”
Don’t say to me: “You haven’t been there before.”
But only for you to know, I’ve been there myself.
I cry myself to sleep, I’ve been alone along,
I learn all by myself, I walk alone and solo,
I was hated by everyone, my parents don’t love me.
I’ve been to three-fourths of the world already.
I’ve been hurt just as much as you
So don’t yell,
So don’t scream.
So don’t tell me: “How could you know how I feel like?”
It’s okay, I’ve been there.
Every road I take, it’s always different.
I almost did the same thing.
So why did you do it?
We both suffer, but I was the one that held on
You didn’t.
It’s too late now.
Now you’re gone.
If you just hold on, life will be better and get better.
Just believe.
Life will get better.
But why?
You took your own life.
You did it.
You shouldn’t do it.
Why did you commit suicide?
Your life is so fragile,
You life is everything,
Your life is a gift from God.
I was inspired by 2 girls that committed suicide in my town area. They both came from Middle School in my town, and when I heard the news, I didn't really feel great because they just took their own life. I can't stand to heard or see the sight they somebody kill themselves. I really think that someone's life is really, really fragile.

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  1. sorry to read that someone you know committed sucidie. It must be hard to understand but I am glad you had the ability to express it in this poem. It is a very powerful poem!

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