Father and daughter

It Was Because of You

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It was because of you that I did not sleep at night
waiting for you to kiss me goodnight

It was for you that I worked very hard in school
to get good grades and to graduate

It was because of you that I lost my best friend
just because you thought she was not a good friend

It was because of you that I made my mom cry and my brother lie
for a stupid thing that wasn’t even true
I lie for you daddy and that’s the truth

It was for you that I hurt his feeling
because you told me “he wasn’t good enough”
it was because of you that I have lost my true love
and in tears I have to say yes daddy

It was because of you I have become this girl
who doesn’t feel confidence in herself
& it was because of you I don’t know who I am anymore

It was because of you that it seems like everything was okay
but the truth is daddy you took my whole life away

You took my true love, you took my best friend,
you took everyone you did not like
just because you said “honey they are not your type”

Let me tell you something daddy, I love you and everything
but sometimes in life you got to speak up

I already have had too much I am sorry but I can’t take It,
I want it to be just for once, just for once to say,
I did it because of me & bursting in tears I have to tell you
yes daddy I did it because of me.

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

2 thoughts on “It Was Because of You”

  1. You described very well your dilemma and your feelings. Some day you’ll do things for yourself, but you’ll realize that it’s because of him you’re superior in some ways even though in front of him you’re not confident.

    To be reshaped is tough, but a portion of it could benefit you since you didn’t have it before. This is the dilemma.

  2. Hey sorry you feel this way about your dad. I like how you started off by saying positive stuff, but then you end it by kind of saying that you needed to make your own choices growing up!

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