I wish I did not

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I never noticed

I never knew

how I fell

head over heels for you

now I wish I didn’t

now I wish it stopped

because you weren’t there to catch me

when the anguish came!

you said you loved me, you always did!

you said I was a beautiful kid.

now I hate you, I hope you know..

that I no longer live, or let emotions show.

my heart I hide away

no matter what they say

because its rather broken

a new me is awoken.

thank you ever so much,

for now I am alone,

im heartbroken, I’m depressed.

and you wonder what?

im alone, I’m afraid

im suicidal.

my thoughts run dark.

do you care?

do you care to help me?

you left for so long!

and when you came back, it was LIES you told me!

is this how you repay me?

tell me.

is. this. how. you. repay. me?

11 thoughts on “I wish I did not”

  1. beautiful poem and i understand what your going through. it may feel like you will never see another happy day or it will take forever for your heart to heal. it just takes time. your probably thinking ya ya everyone says that. i thought that too but it’s true it just takes sometime. just dont give up

  2. wow this poem is dark AND beautiful! i love it so much! i want to keep reading it but there’s no more:( i hope you dont kill yourself because you are EXTREMELY talented and the whole world would morn the loss of such a truly creative person. Killing yourself would deprive the world of something it needs!!! Seriously I love this poem so much:) keep doing watcha doing and have fun doing it;)

  3. Sorry that you feel in love with someone who was not able to love you back! Hopefully you were able to forget this person and fall in love with someone who can give you the same type of feelings back!

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