My Story

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As the line between reality and fantasy blurs..

As my therapist gets tired of my lies..

As my mind slurs..

As I say my last good-byes..

I fall down, and nobody’s there to see me.

I get up, and nobody’s there to congratulate me.

If I go, who will even understand what I left behind?

I refuse to continue living like this.

But I can’t find the courage to manipulate my fate.

As this door closes, another should open, right?

I’ve done all I wanted to do, theres really nothing left for me here.

Theres nothing left that I can hang on too.

Theres no emotion I can trust..

And I don’t know what to do..

Everyones eyes train on me with disgust!

I can’t feel what people want me to feel.

So off they go..

So you’ll never take a look?

into the words on the paper?

My story wants to end..

Let me close the book!

4 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. I have 4 words to describe that poem. (because i have a small vocabulary and because it left me speechless)
    wow. amazing. beautiful. breath-taking!

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