Now I could say goodbye to you

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Let me go ahead and tell you how I feel,
Let me go ahead and open my heart’s worst fear,
Let me tell you what you did
And everything I’ve gone through,
Let me get started by saying it’s a mess,
You left my heart in tiny pieces
which no one will repair,
You broke it really badly
& now all I have inside me is hate,
Hate for you and hate for her,
Hate for them who treat me wrong,
Hate for them who think they’re something,
Hate for them who act as if nothing happened,
The only love I kept inside is from those who had learned to treat me right,
because you had broken my heart,
but I always promise to keep deep deep inside those whom I promise to never forget,
those who are at rest in heaven, those who are part of my everyday life,
those who are the only ones that are deep deep inside my heart,
you have broken my heart into tiny little pieces,
but that little space you couldn’t break,
because it was all that I have left when you took my whole life away
but you did not take everything away, you only broke the love I had for you
& now I could say goodbye to you.

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