My Facade

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Sometimes I sit here thinking.

all while my mind is sinking.

I think of memories, who will miss me?

I think of people, the sights I didn’t see.

and I realize that I don’t care.

and I realize what I didn’t share.

while all these thoughts go through my head.

I continue lying in bed..

I watch the light fade away.

I whisper to myself and say.

‘nothings right, no one cares,

twisted, tortured, fight affairs.’

I see the wicked gleam beside me.

I pick it up and heres what I see.

I see relief, I see release.

I see the end to my lease.

the life I borrowed has expired.

and from this facade I have been fired.

I take up the blade and I get this feeling.

that I will never again be kneeling..

I try and try and try again..

I find the courage inside and then..

it suddenly disappears.

and back again come my fears..

not many saw through my facade.

but now my walls begin to fade..

im losing the fight.

I cleanse myself of every light.

8 thoughts on “My Facade”

  1. Thank you Jenn!!
    It’s always nice to read new one’s poems:) I really enjoy how every single person expresses themselves, for we all are different, therefore our poems vary so much. And that’s what I personally like about poetry;)

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! but facade is pronounced like fas-sod. so one of the rhymes doesnt make sense. i only realised it wen i was reading it back to my friend

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