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Have you ever had a day

when nothing was okay?

you sat alone in a fading light

and you couldn’t get to sleep at night?

have you ever felt as if

your heart was going stiff?

can you ever feel

every touch makes you reel?

because your so deprived

its a wonder your alive?

people tell you to get over it

but the thought tears you up bit by bit?

was there everĀ a time

when the only thing you could turn to was a rhyme?

do you ever feel the way I feel?

do you feel like your emotions aren’t real?

when you sit under that fading light

when you sit awake at night

when you can’t remember what brought you to where you are

when you find yourself staring at things that are too far

when your fading into that shell again

and the only things you can think of are ‘what if’ or ‘and then’

you’ll finally feel how I feel.

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