I Hope You Remember

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Remember the hardest day of your life,

Remember your saying everything will be alright,

Remember your warm touch and soft kiss,

Remember your saying you will never leave me,

Tell me now, do you remember?

Do you remember what happened in December?

Do you remember our last goodbye & my thinking you will always be by my side?

well let me tell you this …..

you broke my heart into pieces yet I still stand up

you made me cry for days, yet still I am alive

you tell me so many lies but still I am here tonight

you definitely changed and I know why

you thought your plans would bring me down,

but I am the one who is wearing the smile, not the frown.

Your plans did not work out and for this I thank you, for you let me free.

My life is much clearer now, and I can see I have no fears without you,

for I know that I don’t love you so and I already let you go…

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