You had me, you lost me.

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You try to compare me with her,
You knew that if I told you the truth,
I would have broken your heart in two,
Well you picked her instead of me,
Knowing you loved me,
So what I did I know was wrong,
But I choose him for what you did,
I made up lies to get you back,
But that didn’t bring you back,
I talked to you & spoke the truth,
You said she was better for you,
I said I loved you many times,
but my love wasn’t enough for you,
then you come today and say
“you were right all along your the one I should have picked”,
now your begging on your knees, and I said to you
“my love it’s too late to decide, You already broke my heart,
when I needed you the most, you picked her instead of me.
Now your begging on your knees for me to forgive you?”
“oh please”, that’s what love to you is all about.

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