Love is Lonely


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When I look in the mirror what do I see??

I see a stranger at times and a best friend at others.

I see a face that has opportunities; but doesn’t even catch them.

I see someone with so many options; but chooses not to use them.

I see a girl who can have accomplishments; but decides not to jump at the chance of success.

I see a person whose emotions are so confusing and wild; she has to rebuild the relationships she has broken.

Time after time, again and again.

I see this girl who gives off the impression that everything is okay when its not.

I see someone who could strive and do great; if she only let people help her.

A girl whose dreams are higher than the sky.

Someone who could be loved; if she, for once, tried to love back.

Everyday I see me in that stupid mirror and sadly…

Mirrors sure as hell don’t lie.