Narcotic Neurotic

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Dreams come and go disappear and return again
Something I can’t really express or explain
What can really work to release these painful memories?
I know I am not alone in this something triggers it
In my mind I hear it crying
Well, it’s better than dying
I feel so hypnotic
I feel so psychoneurotic
My dark matter becomes alive
Dislike of what I have…. this disease
Going through all my archives
Please have this all freeze
Opening my eyes in the night
Hearing echoes from my mind
Hearing myself as a child cry
Sleeping always seems to be declined
In my mind I hear it crying
Am I just to myself lying?
I feel so psychotic
Narcotic neurotic

One thought on “Narcotic Neurotic”

  1. You have a darkness about you, or so it seems through your poems. Although they are very good. I think we all have a sense of darkness to us, it comes with the territory. Thanks for sharing your poetry once again!!

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