Shattered hearts, broken glass

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Truth is I actually had love at first sight

I knew  you were perfect for me

as far as I can remember I’ve had dreams about you

I could see us in the future

but now you have shattered my heart as if it were glass

glass dropped from the highest tower no one could even hear it drop

anyone could find the tower but not the shattered pieces of my heart

they were swept away under your doorstep only to be put together by you

no one else owns my heart like you do

even though you don’t love me back I will always be there for you whenever you fall

but you won’t notice because my footsteps are as silent as my shattered heart being stepped over by you unseen and unheard

I hope that if you knew this you would put it back together so we could be together

but I can tell that will never happen as my heart drifts away from even your doorstep into dust…

as I fade away from this life…

One thought on “Shattered hearts, broken glass”

  1. Aww… that’s so sad and sweet…

    It’s amazing that you fell in love with someone and then they don’t love you anymore. It really hurts… :(

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