Brick Wall

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Lying dead helpless
Can’t move or breathe
Black eyes are all on me
Shunning and labeling
The smell lingers still
Of the disgusting words
I hear every single day
Behind the brick wall
I keep my self safe
The lies you told me
The memories that were fake and unreal
I should’ve known it was front to keep me locked up
Hurt and disrespect
Was all I got for years
But now I’m breaking
Breaking the brick wall that kept me safe
Gonna get wings and fly away
From the abuse and misuse
Im not a play thing
Im a human being
So this brick wall is coming down
Every strike of disrespect
Makes holes till it falls
I can only keep it in only so long
So say goodbye
For my brick wall is broken
And I got my wings

This poem is about a young lady who is in an abusive relationship for years and she is finally realizing that she can be independent and not stay for satisfaction.

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