Inside I feel alone

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The tears they flow
Hidden from the world that they don’t know
They see me smiling happily laughing at their jokes
And joking about their sarcasm
Hidden from them that they don’t know
My tears My loneliness My pain My fear
Hidden from them
They don’t know
How I feel inside
So alone
But I do not show
They do not care
So my fake smile
Is me…for them

3 thoughts on “Inside I feel alone”

  1. I just wanted to say that I am really feeling this poem. I have read your poetry, and you are very good. With this particular poem, I can feel the pain, the loneliness, because for me, I feel like I have to put on an ‘act’ for everyone, and this poem fits like a glove. So from one poet to another, I wanted to say Thank you!!! I enjoyed reading your poems, and will be looking for more in the future. I can tell that your poems come from the heart, and thats truly meaningful.

  2. I really enjoy reading your poems. They speak so loud. They touch the soul. So from me to you, thanks for your poems, they speak louder then words.

  3. i am real glad that my poetry makes sense and that there is people out there who can relate to my feelings and words because poetry really needs to come form one heart to touch another

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